Constitution and bylaws

This 57 page book is the standard constitution for all groups to follow $12.99

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Kuno guidebook

157 pages packed full of info for 1st degree knights, $24.99

Buy 10 books for $20.99 ea. And we will customize them with your group name

All books are spiral bound 6×9 inch

Shithole Countries

hmmm, show us how they are NOT shithole countries, because i know lots of friends who have been to them and all the reports are “that place is a shithole”

Patches available

4inch round sew on 2nd era mioaks $5

2×3 reversed american flag (right shoulder) $4

2×3 rebel flag $4

other patches available

Custom made patches available

Ceremonial robes start at @ $170

Contact for more info

May 5th event update

with great sorrow another elder brother has been called to the lord, brother Charlie Murphy of Enoree,Sc passed late last night peacefully…his name will be added to the memorial rally in may