About the E.K.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our group the Exalted Knights , we are a traditional klan group (klankraft and ceremonial) but we are by no means “angels”..we raise hell, drink beer and have a lot of fun and comroderie with all pro-whites, we don’t turn our nose up at you because your beliefs and customs go down a different path of white pride,,,i mean …we’re going the same direction right? but we do have basic guidelines for membership that you must meet ..if you want to be a Klansman/women in the EK go and fill out the contact form.. if you want to attend an event and just hangout and celebrate being white that’s fine too!

We also sell an extensive library of well made Kraft material for those who wish to broaden their knowledge, we also make custom patches, robes, flags and apparel… we also can host your event at our 2 Tennessee locations that can hold small to very large crowds…we have rally setup’s,  security and concessions for the events available…… we have 3 stated rallies per year, next one is may 5th & 6th to commemorate the anniversary of the Ku Klux Klan and to pay our respects to the late IW Gary Delp and to the late Klansman Ervin Branham who both now stand beside our lord in the empire invisible watching over us